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Fan Coils

Sabafarin fan coils are applicable in areas that need air conditioning units, such as hotels, hospitals and laboratories, residential and commercial areas, and recreation centers in which the air- handling units with hot and cold water systems are used .

  • These fan coils have appropriate washable filters with a very high filtration capacity

  • The drain sinks are made from imported galvanized steel sheets, which could be opened, closed and cleaned easily .
  • With the adjustable air diffusers, the direction of air flow could be changed to whether top or front discharge .
  • The condensate sink, air filter, and specially the electromotor and centrifuge fans could be easily opened .
  • The fan coils are settled on two stands from ABS plastics
  • The noiseless 3-speed electromotors of Sabafarin fan coils are from well known international brands and are offered with a 1 year guarantee.
  • Piping is possible from both sides ( left and right) .


The fan coil casing is manufactured from steel sheet ( ST14) using high accuracy C.N.C. punching machinery .The sheets are bonded with high quality C.N.C. press brake machinery afterwards.



Sabafarin coils have with 3-row aluminum fin plates, which are manufactured with C.N.C. fin press machines ( 12 fins per inch) . The utilized copper tubes ( dia. Ø 3/8" ) are opened, outed & bended with C.N.C. machines. After brazing, the coils are tested under pressure of 15 bar and delivered to the manufacturing line after decreasing and drying with specific machines .



The centrifuge fans used in Sabafarin fan coils are galvanized and noiseless. These fans are manufactured by modern machinery and in form of one - piece galvanized sheets, which are statically and dynamically balanced . Being noise free and balanced are their most important advantage over 2- piece or plastic fans .



The fan coil casing are coated electrostatically with powder coating . After passing through the clegreasing, phosphating, and rinsing stages, the fan coil parts enter a drying furnace .One dried, the parts are electrostatically covered with powder coating ( with coating thicknessof 70 microns) and cured in the furnace at 200°C . After quality control, the parts are conveyed to the assembling line .


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