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Oil/Water Compact Heat Exchangers

The FTB series is a development tube−bank heat exchanger for a wide range of industrial applications.
Finned tube bundle can significantly improve the heat transfer efficiency on the shell side by increasing the surface area of the tubes.

These heat exchangers are produced by aluminum fins, which are pushed over the bank of tubes with metal−to−metal contact. The FTB range of heat exchangers has a cooling surface of from 3m2 to 60m2.

Easy Overhaul and Cleaning of the tube bundle :


  • The shell side fluid can remain under pressure during overhaul.
  • Leak detection before fluid can intermix .

Standard Material :

  • Tubes : Copper , Brass, Copper nikel
  • Fins : Aluminum or Copper
  • Shell : Carbon steel
  • Covers : Cast iron with anodes
  • Tube Sheets : Carbon steel , Aluminum brass


Design Data :

  • Heat Dissipation up to 500 kW
  • Oil Flow Up to 600 L/min
  • Design Pressure: 20 bar oil side /10 bar tube side
  • Design Temp:120°C-150°C oil side, 20°C-30°C water side








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