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Water − Oil Heat Exchangers

These oil coolers have been designed specifically for Hydraulic systems, but they are equally suitable for cooling lubricating oils, heat transfer fluids, etc.

Sabafarin water-oil heat exchangers are high quality products incorporating the best materials and the latest technical features.
The high efficiency tube stack is fully floating to minimise thermal stresses and incorporates the unique thermex tube-to-tube sheet joint ensuring reliability under extreme operating conditions.

These series of heat exchangers have removable tube bundle which makes them inspectable from both sides. As a result, these heat exchangers are perfectly suitable for various applications with non filtered liquids.
The material of which tube bundle itself is executed can be copper for performance with fresh water, copper-nickel for marine water and stainless steel for applications with corrosive fluids and gas.
These heat exchangers consist of small diameter tubes, which allows the best compromise between high thermic yield and low pressure loss.
The maximum working pressure in oil side is 20 bar and in water side is 6 bar.
We would like to inform you that apart from standard series, we are able to manufacture customized versions of heat exchangers with max. dia of 500mm and max. length of 6000mm according to provided drawing.


Process oil cooling equipments:

  • Hydraulic Oil in Plastic Injection moulding machine;
  • Hydraulic Oil in Aluminum Injection moulding machine;
  • Refineries;
  • Chemical Plants;
  • Paint processing;
  • Pharmaceutical Machinery;
  • Marine Industry;
  • Textile Process Machine;
  • Steel Plants;
  • Pulp & Paper Equipments;
  • Food processing Industry;
  • Compressed Air Equipments;
  • After Coolers;
  • Inter Coolers.<
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