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Air & Water Cooled Compressed Air After Coolers

When the existing moisture (in form of vapor) is not removed from the compressed air, it might damage the precious instruments or industrial processes which use compressed air. Therefore, after coolers are beneficial from both technical and economical point of view. 

In fact, after coolers are heat exchangers utilized for cooling the compressed air down to the desired temperature. Condensation phenomenon occurs when the compressed air is cooled down to a certain point. Afterwards the resulted drops of water and occasionally oil are removed with a separator.

The media used for cooling the compressed air might be either water from water chillers and cooling towers or ambient air. In water cooled after coolers, which work based on a counter flow process, the hot compressed air leaving the compressor is cooled by means of cooling water circulating through several stainless steel or copper tubes.

Air Cooled After Coolers

In these after coolers, the cooling tubes are rope fins. The rope fins enhance heat transfer by increasing the surface area and generating a turbulent flow inside the tubes,which accelerates the cooling of compressed air.

In some types of water cooled after coolers, aluminum or copper turbulators are utilized in order to increase the efficiency and speed up the cooling process. In addition, baffles are placed outside the tubes and through the water stream to increase the cooling efficiency.

Previous investigations on air cooled after coolers in Sabafarin company has enabled us to design and manufacture an innovative product, which is different from other products and has the following technical specifications:

  •  Utilized tubes are made from copper with a high thickness. Outer fins are aluminum plate fins and inner fins(enhancements for increasing the efficiency and generating turbulent flow) are made from copper or aluminum.
  •  The frame and stands are manufactured from steel sheets and coverd with two layers of alkyd−melamine resin (powder coating)
  •  The protecting galvanized steel grill is utilized to prevent possible damages to the radiator.
  •  Noiseless axial fan and three−phase electromotor with 1400 r.p.m. are used in these after coolers.

Water Cooled After Coolers

Air cooled after coolers

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